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Hey all, this is a 50% build of the upcumming Superior Anatomy Combat tournament fighter, where men and women compete to see whether a dangling pair of testicles is a disadvantage in a fight. It has double the playable characters of the last demo (4!) and twice the stages (2!) and double the glitches (2xinfinity!) but for only 150% of the price--such value!

Another new feature is the play-by-play commentary system, giving you such deep insight as 'Boy, that one must have hurt, Kayla.' whenever somebody takes a shot to the pills.

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Buy Now$3.00 USD or more

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SACdemoFIXEDmacOS.zip 185 MB
SACdemo3fixed.zip 170 MB


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I bought this for mac, but I can only use exhibition, the tournament and practice button doesn't work  any help there ?

This was only a demo and so exhibition is the only mode that was completed, unfortunately :(

still making games? 

Work/life picked up and I sort of had to drop doing these to make time for non-bb games. I do have a chunk of another one put together that I'm hoping to put up maybe early 2020. Anything in particular you'd like to see in it?

Hey man, Im interested in buying 2 of your games but via Paypal balance (cause my Paypal isnt connected with a credit card). Could we sort that out?

The game is boring, 3d graphic is not interesting, costumes are too dark to see the genitals or naked bodies, girls on the background don't kick the heroes. Yet, the "Remerick" is still the best your game :) Please, make the SAC better :)

There isn't going to be much nudity in this one, so you won't be able to see any genitals clearly. But I think it's a good idea for the referee to punish the balls of any man who gets too close. I'll do my best! These are still just a side project.