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Episode 2 picks up a day after Jeremy's ill-fated guest appearance at Mistress Melinda's Dojo, during which the rather unconventional, testicle-focused fighting style they employed left him clinging to consciousness--and his manhood.

Will his girlfriend Svetlana and the fine staff at the Testicle Trauma Unit be sympathetic enough to effect a speedy recovery? Or is he in more peril than he even imagines?


Buy Now$1.00 USD or more

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GPG Episode2.zip 189 MB
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Are we the male or the female?

You have one action sequence playing the guy and one playing the girl.

Deleted post

Thanks! I'm helping out HavockBB on his new project--no timetable yet on when it'll be out. More of a fighting game (with ample castration):



i really like your games, hope you do more in the future =) 

Enjoyed the game, but where's the first episode?


Glad you liked it--I released the first episode for free a couple years ago, but I never thought to post it on itch, since its much shorter/buggier than 2, but here you go:


I remember seeing  the first episode posted somewhere around the internet, after which I played it and really enjoyed the content. That's how I found the second episode in here.

One of my objectives is to continue learning programming and aspects of game development so I can create something like this too, when time allows me. That's why I'd love to play around with it. Since the first episode is free, would I be way out of line in asking if you could share it's source? If not, I understand and apologize for asking.

In any case, do you have plans for future games? I love your style and would definitely support your future work.


Yeah, I posted it at kickedinthegroin a ways back--since it seemed like the obvious choice.

More power to you for getting into game development--it's probably the most satisfying creative thing I've tried, since it's got writing,  problem solving, music, art all in the same package. But yeah, like anything, it just takes hours of toiling to get a knack. My advice is to find a particular language and game engine and stick with it for a long while until it becomes second nature, and then picking up new languages is fairly simple.

You can have the source--no secrets here--but I'm worried that you'd explode your brain trying to reverse engineer the code, since it grew in a chaotic way that I think only I really understand (plus I'm terrible about commenting in anything helpful in my code, or organizing blocks neatly.) If you'd like, I can whip up a cut-down version of that scene that may more clearly illustrate the basic character/animation control, camera changes, narration, and, um, testicle physics. Might take me a while, but hopefully not forever.

Thank you for the quick response!

That's a sound advice, and it makes total sense to stick to a language and platform for a while, rather than frequently switching around. I'll keep that in mind, thanks.

Indeed, it is daunting at first, having to manage so many elements at once, but only through perseverance one can see the results come to fruition, and that's when I guess it's all worth it. I'm glad you're willing to spend your time to help me, but I don't want to inconvenience you with it.

Maybe if it's alright with you, I'd be okay in taking a shot at understanding the current implementation. It's also part of my daily job to reverse engineer other people's code (although not gaming related), so it could be a good practice and challenge for me.

Again, thank you for the helpful advice and quick response.

Hey Mars, as I was responding to your other comment, I realized I had totally left you hanging (pun intended) on this--my bad. Did you still want to get into game development? Since I'm going to be away from GpG for a while, there might as well be someone around to hand the baton off to, so to speak. I can get you that cut-down, sandboxy build to play with--just let me know what specific things you want to see the code for.

Really enjoyable game with great humor in it's writing. Definitely worth it.

I hope to see a third episode someday. Cheers!

Much appreciated--feels good knowing it found an audience. That being said, Episode 3 would have to be pretty short and sweet for me to fit it in. If you have any ideas/requests, feel free to lay them on me, bc I haven't even thought about it.