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Hey folks!

Haven't put out anything in eons, but I've been slowly whittling away at one final ballbusting game to put up here. The opening sequence I had planned (which is completely different from the main gameplay) wound up being a bit of a beast, so I thought I'd throw it up as a demo.

The final vision for the project is a 3rd person, free-roaming quest to raise funds by a certain deadline (think GTA meets japanese dating sim) with the catch being that this is a town full of hot women and your precious balls are just about the only marketable thing(s) you have to offer. I'm sure it will end well! /s

Anyhoo, enjoy this tiny slice of interactive cutscene. Incidentally, given the effort it took, I'd be happy to make an entire game in this format if it's something anyone would be interested in...

Also, sorry for such a weirdly massive file size! It's tough to exclude assets for builds in Unity, so all of the resources for the final game are stuffed in there.


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Hey if you're still taking requests I love when ballbusting comes with a female superiority and girl power aspect. Mockery of the male ego would be great too. Keep up the good work!

mine keeps getting stuck on the text with the GF. or is that just the demo?

Yeah, demo ends right after the texting--the full game is you running around in 3rd person, getting your balls kicked around town for various reasons as you try to grind out the money you need

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Have I time to ask for an add to the game? Or it is already finished? I have a Mac 

Still plenty of work to go, so I can still take requests. What would you like to add?

squeezing, stomping and teasing would be cool

check. check. and check.

kicks from behind, like you have an argument with one female and an other come to "save" her.
And a "cum" section, where at every kick your balls got worse, but you got excited and your final goal is to have an orgasm with an hit (kick, squeeze, punch, knee...) in the balls. 

Some females want to steal your money in some suburbans, so they will hit you to steal, sometimes they will be more nasty and will put down your pants to kick bare balls.

some females will have pointy shoes/boots, the kick all be more effective and painful, others will have bare feet (like homeless, on the beach or something like that)at he will get more exited for the "orgasm".

Mac please? :)

Always be neglecting the mac users :) Thing's now rectified. But it really is just a tiny demo